Patent and Holding Technology

No. Application Date Application Name Note
16 2018.04.24 A septal structure to improve the cooling performance the blade internal-lattice cooling method for gas turbines  
15 2016.09.26 Heat shield for gas turbines  
14 2015.03.13 Blade ring segment for gas turbines  
13 Utility model Turbine blades of gas turbines with inclined prominence and depression of compound angles in the internal flow path  
12 Utility model Lead letters for Non-destructive inspection  
11 2009.06.03 A centrifugal casting device for Air casting  
10 2007.11.30 The tree structure for wax pattern assembly of investment casting products and assembly method  
9 2007.06.08 A fixture for wax pattern assembly of investment casting products  
8 2006.05.25 Trademark registration Trade-mark
7 2005.06.10 A coolant channel structure of the turbine blade platform  
6 2004.04.19 A dead-end inner wall structure of the turbine vane of the gas turbine engine to improve cooling performance  
5 1996.11.20 A mold device for manufacturing a wax model of turbine blades  
4 1996.11.20 A press mold device for correcting turbine blade deformation  
3 1996.11.06 Turbine blades manufactured by ceramic shell casting method  
2 1996.10.26 A production method and device of a wax model for turbine blades using cold wax  
1 1996.10.26 A turbine blade manufacturing method for turbocharger using vacuum investment casting method