Facility Status

It is the facility status of the casting facility from a manual Wax Injector to vacuum heat treatment.

Pouring Picture

MPI Smart wax injection system

Semi-automatic Wax Injector

Ceramic Core Injector

Automatic Shell Dipping Line

Air Melting Furnace 15kg, 100kg, 200kg

Aluminum Melting Furnace

Vacuum Melting Furnace 15kg

Vacuum Melting Furnace 30kg

Vacuum Melting Furnace 68kg

Vacuum Melting Furnace 150kg

Cutting Robot

Inspection Robot

Vacuum heat treatment furnace

Facility List

설비 리스트
Processing Name of Equipment Quantity per Facility Total Quantity
Injection Mpi Smart System Catapult 1 124
Injection 18
Large Catapult 3
Semi-automatic Catapult 14
Brown Gas Generator 4
LIQUID-WAX Catapult 3
Ceramic Core Catapult 2
Coating Coating Robot System 3
ASDL Coating Robot System 1 1
Dewaxing Dewaxing Autoclave 4
Casting Air Furnace (100Kg, 150Kg, 200Kg) 6
Vacuum Furnace (15Kg, 30Kg, 68Kg, 150Kg VIM) 4
Aluminum Furnace 2
Preheating/Calcining Furnace 10
Automatic Cutting Robot System Automatic Cutting Robot System 1
Gate Grinder 13
Ephron, Air, Direct Air Typed Short Blast 19
Hydraulic Fixed Press 5
Ultrasonic Cleaner 1
Laser Welding 1
Barrel Grinder 1
Marking Machine 2
Leaching Autoclave 2
Water Jet 1
Inspection Inspection Robot 1
Heat Treatment Vacuum Heat Treating Furnace 1