Production Information

With five vacuum melting furnaces (15/30/50/68/150KG), two furnaces only for aluminum (100/200KG)
and seven Air induction furnaces (15/100/150/200KG), we work depending on various materials requested by customers.

Production Capacity

Classification Ansan Plant Siheung Plant Total
Air Casting Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Tool steel
Heat-resistance Steel
Ni-Cr-Mo Steel
Copper Alloy (Cu-Alloy)

3500 ton / year
Precipitation Hardening Steel
Stainless Steel
Various Alloy Steel

500 ton / year
4,000 ton / year
Vacuum Casting - Nickel-series
Super Heat-resistance Alloy
Super Heat-resistance Alloy

1,000 ton / year
1,000 ton / year
Aluminum Casting - A 356
A 357
C 355

300 ton / year
300 ton / year

Material Information

Classification Sub-classification Industry Standard
KS (South Korea) JIS (Japan) ASTM(AISI) (US)
Air Casting Carbon Steel SM10C~SM50C S10C~S50C AISI1010~AISI1050
Cr-Mo steel SCM415~SCM440 SCM415~SCM440  
Ni-Cr-Mo steel SNCM415~SNCM439 SNCM415~SNCM439  
Carbon tool steel ST3 SK3  
Low Alloy Tool Steels STS3~STD61 SK3~SKD61 D-2~A3
Martensite Stainless Steels SSC1~SSC6 SSC1~SSC6 CA15~CA40
STS420J2 SUS420J2
Austenite Stainless Steels SCS13(A)~SSC23 SCS13(A)~SCS23 CF8~CF3M
STS304~STS316L SUS304~SUS316L
Precipitation hardening stainless steel SSC24 SCS24 17-4PH
STS630 SUS630 CB7CU-1
Duplex and Super Duplex CD4McU~CD3MWCuN   A744~A995 6A(UNS J93380)
Heat-resistance Stainless Steel STS310S SUS310S CK20
Heat-resistance Steels HRSC13~HRSC24 SCH13~SCH24 HK30
Vacuum Casting Ni-Alloy     CM247LC~INCO718
Co-Alloy     MAR-M-509~STELLITE31
Fe-Alloy     15-5PH~HMC12
Aluminum Casting Al-Alloy   AMS4218~AMS4215 A356.2~AC4C
Copper Casting Brass series YBSC CAC200  
Strength brass series HBsC CAC300  
Bronze series BC CAC400  
Phosphor bronze series PBC CAC500  
Aluminum bronze series AlBC CAC700