Overview of Quality

Quality Philosophy
Korea Lost-wax Co., Ltd. prioritizes customers and strives to grow as a trusted company by timely supplying high-quality products secured through continuous improvement activities based on our management philosophy and core values.
Quality Policy
1.  We minimize risk through preemptive prevention activities
2.  We meet customer satisfaction through economic and practical quality activities
3.  We continue to improve through computerized construction of the quality system and transparent management

Quality Control

Quality Guarantee

Development and application of quality system to meet customer needs
  • Parts for aerospace industry and power generation facility : AS 9100, NADCAP
  • Automobile parts : IATF 16949, SQ
  • Nuclear energy parts : ASME NQA-1 & KEPIC QAP
  • Marine parts : Certification for ship’s classification
  • General industrial parts : ISO 9001
We comply with standard procedures to conduct strict and objective quality guarantee activities.
  • Use of planned testing/inspection equipment according to customer's demand
  • Scientific analysis and evaluation of test/inspection results
  • Objective judgment and feed back by independent authorities

Quality Control

Material inspection
  • We deploy only suitable materials into the process through complete incoming goods inspection.
  • Main inspection items (available in-house): particle size analysis, mold strength and ventilation map, chemical composition inspection, mechanical properties (tensile, hardness, metal-tissue, etc.)
Process Inspection
  • Process control according to quality planning, the regulated manufacturing standards, and inspection criteria
  • Daily/regular inspection and calibration control of process equipment and measuring instruments
  • Process improvement activities using statistical techniques
  • Main inspection items (available in-house): chemical substance analysis for each lot, room temperature/high temperature tensile test, creep property test, hardness (HRB, HRC), XRD, ultrasonic thickness measurement, biopsy using metallographic microscopes, NDT (RT, PT, MT), hardness, the intensity of illumination, dimension measurement
Final (Shipment) Inspection
  • We find whether or not we meet the requirements of customers by confirming the quality records of all processes and preparing quality assurance documents
  • Main inspection items (available in-house): Precise dimension inspection using CMM, etc., and inspection and test records confirmed during process inspection
Quality improvement of incongruity products
  • Continuous and steady improvement activities to improve process quality
  • Main inspection items (available in-house): Use of statistical techniques, use of flow/solidification analysis programs, use of SEM/EDS