What is Investment Casting?

Intro to investment casting technology
Metals are not easy to form into desired shapes because metals generally have high deformation resistance. In this case, casting technology allows you to create products into the desired shapes at once. You need to dissolve the solid metal into a liquid state with little deformation resistance and inject and solidify the molten metal into a mold of the desired shape. Investment casting refers to the technology that creates metal products by integrating cutting-edge technology while maintaining the advantages of casting technology.
Principle of the technology
First, produce the same mockup of a product into a wax pattern. After applying refractory materials to it, heat and melt the wax to complete the shell.
This Lost-wax’s method of construction is the way to produce products by melting desired metals into this cast, pouring it into ceramic shell, and solidifying it, removing the shell and manufacturing products.

Advantages of investment casting technology

  • Productivity

    You can precisely mass-produce desired shapes.

  • Application ability

    There is a wide range of metals and alloys that may be used.

  • Elegance

    The surface of the product is smooth.

  • Precision

    It is available to produce products with complicated forms.

  • Accuracy

    There is almost no dimensional change due to internal stress.