Overview of Research & Development

An Overview of Research and Development
Research institute established on July 24, 1989
Since the affiliated laboratory specialized in investment casting was established in 1989, we have invested more than 10% of annual sales in the localization development of high value-added and advanced parts such as high-temperature parts for aircraft, power generation, and marine gas turbine, and fostering professional R&D personnel.
All employees unite to do our best for technology development solely with our mission that the development of investment casting technology is the root of South Korea’s material industry.

Patent and Holding Technology

  • Patent Status
    It is a certification patent status of Korea Lost-wax.
  • Ceramic Core
    The ceramic core is a technology for making coolant channels.
  • Solidification Analysis
    It is the most advanced software used in the defense industry.
  • D/S, S/C
    It is a casting technology that allows only crystal grain parallel to the main stress axis to grow.